Saturday, January 03, 2009

DSC H1 works again !

At the Sony showroom, originally uploaded by stacktop.

So we made it to the Sony Service Centre in Indiranagar (Ph 25296138). And almost took a receipt for the camera. When. The engineer tried their battery on the camera and it worked! I was rubbing my eyes in disbelief. I thought I'd tried all batteries in the house after fully charging them. What a relief! Wont have to decide between the H50 or 1000D anytime soon :-)

Well well. We then traipsed down to the Sony showroom on the ground floor. Got a pair of regular batteries and a MiniDV head cleaning cassette (this one cost a bomb - Rs 875!). And kept on taking pictures with the newly recovered camera. What a joy! Achintya was thrilled with all the gadgets in the store and wanted to spend the evening dancing to VH1 songs playing on the LCD television's there. I had to haul him into the car actually kicking and screaming.

Am planning to get better with the camera. Found a nice whitepaper.

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