Monday, October 02, 2006

Durga Puja Wind Tunnel Road

This puja is, as usual, refreshingly simple and homely. And that means no stalls, no lights, pomp or grandeur. I am not sure about cultural programs. If any, these won't be big by any means. Interesting to note that this puja aspires to be unique by a significant claim:

Durga Puja Koramangala Bethany School

This was pretty much opposite the Kalyana Mantapa. Along 5th Main off 100 feet road. The food stalls were in a ground opposite the pandal, and they were almost empty. The pandal itself was in a choultry on the left corner as one enters 5th Main from 100 ft road. This was a hall on the first floor accessed by narrow stairs. On one end the pratima was set up and there was a cultural program in progress at the other end. This is the original Koramangala I am told. The cultural program witnessed very high attendance and seemed to be only limited by the capacity of the hall.

Durga Puja Koramangala Kalyana Mantapa

This puja was in the Kalyana Mantapa at Koramangala. I am told it is by the breakaway group and not the original one. As we entered the premises, we were surprised to see that the actual hall was witnessing a marriage ceremony. Then we realized that the puja pandal was in an adjacent shamiana. As usual, this was hugely crowded. The cultural program was happening in the same enclosure. Made it very very packed indeed.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

At the Cambridge Layout puja, it is the usual choultry. However, this year they have covered up the rather dirty walls with white cotton sheets. From wall to wall. It makes the hall particularly warm. Considering it was empty when we visited, it should be very uncomfortable when the evening arati happens. Another interesting thing that catches the eye is the rather unusual expression presiding over the visage of Lakshmi's owl (look at the right of her feet, below). Almost reminded me of PV Narasimha Rao's pout, almost.

Durga Puja Command Hospital

The Command Hospital has to be entered by a different entrance this time (Palm Grove Sainik Guest Rooms). This is farther along the Command Hospital road towards Indiranagar. This puja is as usual small. A pretty warm, lively pratima here. And also a Free Fat Measurement Camp. I did queue up, but couldn't make much sense of the results. Another interesting element was the spouse of Ganesh. See the close-up below. Under the veil, she's all of a plantain plant.

Durga Puja at Jayamahal

The Jayamahal Puja has an interesting asur. The hair is all funky and streaked. The cultural programs are very good this year, I'm told. There are lesser stalls here than last year. Stall owners must have figured out that other pujas offer more crowds to sell the overpriced grub to. The road to approach this puja also has become a one-way making it a tad difficult to reach.

Durga Puja at Brookefields, Whitefield

The Brookefields puja at the VSR Convention Hall is indeed imposing. The hall itself is very large and not too many people frequent this, making it an ideal location for offering pushpanjali. A few good vendors have set up stalls here - Manju of HAL Market, Golkonda Chimney and a phuchkawala. Also some other stalls - IFB, sarees etc. Not doing very well at all.