Saturday, September 09, 2006

Configuring a Netgear 614 router

I'd thought a wireless router bought of SP Road should work as soon as plugged in. And it had for the D-Link that I'd bought a month ago. However, the Netgear 614 was a tougher nut. After buying it last Sunday afternoon, I'd spent many a late hour trying to get it working. NADA. Finally, I called the shop, who gave me Netgear's Toll Free number 1800 425 4327. As this is not reachable from my cellphone, I called the other number 044 42087477. Deepak answered and helped me get it working. It was a conflict with the IP Airtel DSL modem uses.
1) Disconnected the DSL modem from Wireless Router.
2) Pressed the reset (small hole at back of router) for 30 seconds.
3) Unplugged router power and powered it back on.
4) Fired up cmd and ipconfig'd. The IP should be and gateway should be
5) Fire up IE and connected to
6) In the page that comes up, just click the Apply button at the bottom.
7) This brings up a login prompt after 5 seconds. userid: admin passwd: password.
8) On the left click on Wireless setup and choose Asia, 11, b and g. Apply.
8) On the left click on LAP IP and choose change the to, change to THIS IS KEY STEP. Apply.
9) The IE should disconnect. That's ok.
10) Power off the router (unplug) and connect modem cable and power on (replug power).
11) Redo ipconfig
12) Try accessing internet.
13) Go to the computer with wireless access, and try to scan for this router.
14) Connect and access internet.
15) Thank Mr Deepak (or Mr Naveen) and heave a sigh of relief.


Anonymous said...

I had to reset my router, not even thinking of writing down my settings. I have been working for 2 hours trying to remember the settings. Your post just fixed it! I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!

KG, Minnesota


Glad it helped you, encourages me to keep writing such stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chandradip,

Just saw your post on Netgear. I have a Airtel 256kbps internet connection at home. Wanted a wireless router to do away with the cables and also be able to move the laptop to other rooms without the wires. How do you find the netgear router? I see that its quite cheaper compared to Dlink etc. Also whats the cost like?



I have found the Netgear routers work fabulously. I actually had two. The 814 first and then the 614. The first one burnt out due to a power surge and I had to go buy a new one. Which is a DLink Airplus DI-514. This is also working fine for months now and I am a very heavy user as I work a lot from home.