Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hands upon the wheel

30-December-2005 was a holiday and a niggling thought at the back of our mind said that we should make the most of the 3-day weekend over the New Year. However, lazy bones move slow and it was after 3 PM that we could finally start off. We chose Wellington as our duestination and Hotel Riga as the roost for the night ahead. In my wisdom, I decided to go via the outer ring road till Mysore Road. On the way, we stopped for a wee bit at Family Mart, Kanakapura Road. I wanted to buy a case for the new camera but there weren't any at Family Mart. The collection there wasn't very impressive overall and I had a suspicion about the quality from a quick, first look. And a cool badam milk set me back by Rs 56 on the mini food court there. I don't think I would go there again. Back to the road, it took us all of 2 hours to reach Mysore Road and it was a relief to feel the free flow of traffic on it. However, construction of the 4-lane highway is still on and it is a pain having to switch over to the wrong lane every now and then. Somewhere enroute the setting sun made for a pretty shot. Posted by Picasa

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